Wrongful Death

When a personal injury results in death, a wrongful death claim allows the loved ones of the deceased to seek damages against the responsible persons and entities for the damages caused by the sudden and tragic loss. The process can be complex and daunting. Our Chicago wrongful death attorney is experienced in representing the families of deceased victims and helping to ease the financial burdens and devastating impacts caused by the loss of a loved-one.

Recovering After a Loss

Wrongful death lawsuits are usually brought by the closest family member, who can be the deceased’s spouse or the deceased’s children. If the deceased has neither a living spouse nor any living children, other next of kin can and often are appointed to bring the case for wrongful death.

In addition to a claim for wrongful death, if the deceased survived for any period of time after receiving the fatal injuries, resulting in suffering and other damages, a separate claim may be brought by the deceased’s representative known as a “survival action”. This claim is brought on behalf of the estate of the deceased person to recover damages which the deceased would have been entitled to receive had he or she not passed away. The circumstances of the injury are very important to determine whether a survival action exists. That is why it is crucial to contact an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident to confirm all relevant issues and potential claims.

If a loved one has suffered an injury resulting in death, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who is capable of investigating and identifying all potential theories of liability in order to obtain a maximum possible recovery. You should immediately contact the Eames Law Group, Ltd. to discuss your rights and all potential theories to recover the maximum compensation.

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