Giving Back: Attorney Olga Beznashchuk Assists Ukrainian Refugees

May 31, 2022


Brent Eames

This month, we are happy to highlight the wonderful work that Attorney Olga Beznashchuk has been doing in our community on behalf of neighbors in need.

For many months, there were discussions about the possibility of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, many people refused to believe that a war could actually start. Thus, when on February 24, 2022, Russia began bombarding Ukrainian cities, panic and chaos spread. Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, millions of people were displaced from their homes. Millions of people were forced to escape from their homeland into other countries in search of safety.

While the majority of Ukrainians escaped to European countries, many still arrived in the United States. Scared, confused, and without any financial means to support themselves, these people need help. In Illinois, key Ukrainian community organizations got together, including Olga, to assist those people who escaped the war in Ukraine.  The main goals were to provide food, clothing, shelter, and legal advice to those Ukrainian refugees of war.

Olga is Ukrainian, and she believes she owes it to her community to assist Ukrainians displaced by war in any way she can. Thus, when people started reaching out to Olga, she did not hesitate to provide them with the legal advice they required. “It was heartbreaking,” said Olga, “I remember talking to one woman who had a beautiful home and prestigious job in Ukraine. However, when the bombarding of the cities started, she had to leave her home and flee the country with her daughter. She came to the United States with just a carry-on suitcase and nothing else. She does not speak English and did know where to go or what to do. I knew that she needed help and l was glad to assist.”

As the war in Ukraine continues, Olga continues to volunteer to provide legal assistance to people in need. “I cannot imagine arriving to a new country without knowing the language, without knowing anybody, and without having any resources. The shock, confusion, and devastation that those people experience cannot be described with words. Every bit of help counts. Thus, I will keep doing everything within my powers to help those people.” Olga stated.  

Everyone at Eames Law Group is very proud of the work Olga does for the Ukrainian community.

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