Brent Eames Secures Victory at Trial for Injured Firefighter

Recently, Illinois workers’ compensation attorneyBrent Eames, obtained a victory at trial on behalf of an injured firefighter who suffered an ankle injury at the fire station as a result of missing a step while walking to the ambulance bay. This victory included payment of all owed temporary disability benefits, all related medical expenses, and an award for permanent partial disability.  Keep reading to learn more about the case, and why Eames Law Group, Ltd. is consistently ranked amongst the top work comp law firms in the Chicago area, as well as one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys for firefighters.

Mr. Eames represented a firefighter/paramedic who was walking in the station when his lieutenant asked him a question.  As the firefighter turned to respond to his lieutenant, he missed a step, causing him to fall forward and injure his ankle.  Even though this injury happened while he was working at the fire station, the municipality denied his claim and refused to pay workers’ compensation benefits.  The municipality argued that even though this happened at work, there was nothing “work-related” about the accident, because there is nothing unique about the activity of simply walking, nor missing a single step.  The municipality offered $1,000.00 as a fully disputed purchase of peace and refused any additional owed compensation.

Brent Eames took the case to trial and argued that a recent Supreme Court decision regarding what qualifies as a work accident supports the conclusion that our client’s injury should be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act.  At the conclusion of hearing, the Arbitrator agreed and awarded all owed workers’ compensation benefits to our client.

Eames Law Group, Ltd. never stops fighting for our clients, and we will aggressively push cases to trial in order to obtain justice when municipalities or their insurance companies attempt to deny and dispute what should be valid and legitimate claims for injuries.  If an insurance company or claim handler has denied your work comp claim or refused to pay work comp benefits, you owe it to yourself to contact one of the best work comp attorneys in Chicago, to discuss your rights.  Our firm has been elected to state leadership positions in the area of work comp law, and frequently lectures to other attorneys regarding law, and trial strategies in Illinois work comp cases. We are also experienced in claims for benefits pursuant to the Public Employee Disability Act.  If you have been injured, you should immediately contact Brent Eames for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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