Victory at Trial: Brent Eames Wins Spinal Cord Stimulator Surgery for Injured Work Comp. Client

April 22, 2022


Brent Eames

Recently, top Chicago work comp attorney, Brent Eames, secured a victory at trial on behalf of an injured client after her employer refused to authorize proposed medical treatment or pay for ongoing temporary total disability benefits. Our client injured her left arm while lifting and moving packages in the course of her employment. She underwent surgery for a torn ligament in her elbow, but her pain and loss of function persisted. Ultimately, her treating medical providers diagnosed her with the condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”). In order to treat CRPS, she was recommended to undergo a spinal cord stimulator implantation, which is a medical device designed to send electricity directly into the spinal cord to relieve pain at the affected areas.

Following her doctor’s recommendation for the spinal cord stimulator, our client’s employer sent her for two separate independent medical examinations pursuant to Section 12 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Based upon the opinions of these two IME physicians, her employer refused to pay for or authorize the proposed surgery, and terminated all ongoing temporary disability benefits, arguing that our client was no longer temporarily disabled from performing her duties. Top rated workers’ compensation attorney, Brent Eames, filed a request for an emergency hearing in order to reinstate her temporary disability benefits, and obtain approval for the proposed surgery.

At trial, Brent Eames called three different expert witness physicians to testify in support of the proposed implantation of the spinal cord stimulator, as well as our client’s entitlement to temporary disability benefits. After trial, the Arbitrator ruled in our favor by awarding our client all owed temporary disability benefits, and further ordering the Respondent to authorize the proposed spinal cord stimulator surgery.

Eames Law Group, Ltd. never stops fighting for our clients, and we will aggressively push cases to trial in order to obtain justice when insurance companies attempt to trample on the rights of our clients.  If an insurance company has denied your work comp claim or refused to pay work comp benefits, you owe it to yourself to contact one of the best work comp attorneys in Chicago, Brent Eames, to discuss your rights.  If you have been injured, you should immediately contact Brent Eames for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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